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Established 41 years ago, Garg Chemical Industries has earned a strong reputation as a leading player in the Chemical Trading Sector.


N.B.A., short for Nitrilotriacetic acid, plays a pivotal role in the chemical industry as a versatile and indispensable compound. This organic acid is widely employed due to its exceptional chelating properties, making it an essential component in various chemical processes

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Uses of N.B.A. Chemicals:-

  1. Metal chelation: N.B.A. effectively binds with metal ions, preventing their interference in chemical reactions.
  2. Detergent formulations: It enhances detergent efficiency by softening hard water and improving cleansing power.
  3. Water treatment: N.B.A. aids in removing heavy metals from wastewater, ensuring environmental compliance.
  4. Stabilizing agents: It acts as a stabilizer in various formulations, enhancing product shelf life.
  5. Pesticide formulation: N.B.A. aids in developing effective pesticides, optimizing their performance.
  6. Pharmaceutical applications: It is used in synthesizing drugs and pharmaceutical intermediates.
  7. Paper industry: N.B.A. assists in pulp and paper processing, enhancing pulp quality.
  8. Textile industry: It helps in removing metal impurities from textile dyes and processing chemicals.
  9. Cleaning agents: N.B.A. is utilized in various cleaning products for its strong chelating abilities.
  10. Food and beverage industry: It is employed as a sequestrant to preserve flavors and prevent metal contamination in food products.

In conclusion, N.B.A. stands as a vital compound, contributing significantly to the advancement of the chemical industry, with its multitude of applications improving performance, safety, and environmental sustainability.


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